Lizzie Kania

Full-time, north or northwestern suburbs


Reference: Jennifer Swanson Hillbo

Date Ref Taken: 05/13/2023

How long have you known this applicant? 7 years

Please indicate under what circumstances you have had the opportunity to observe the applicant with children:

Please Explain: She was also my 3rd grade cheerleading coach. All the kids LOVED Coach Lizzie!!

If you employed the applicant in this position, what were the dates of employment?
Intermittent babysitting in 2016-2020

Eligible for rehire? yes

Reason Position Ended? Daughter got old enough

What age groups have you observed the applicant with? Mostly third grade, but she also would work with all of the kids, pre-K through middle school

What child care responsibilities did the applicant assume in this role? For me, specifically, she did babysitting during various hours of the day, so that included making meals, supervision, entertainment, even some math tutoring!!

Please describe the quality of the applicant's interactions with children? Absolutely no concerns. Everyone loves Lizzie!! She’s very good with kids.

What do you believe the applicant's strengths are in working with children? She is responsible, keeps things orderly and fun, follows expectations for what the kids should and should not do.

Have you noted any weaknesses that we should be aware of in working with this applicant? None that I can think of

Given your knowledge of this applicant, do you believe her to be:

Do you believe this applicant is well suited for a nanny position? Yes, very much

Please feel free to share any additional comments I think she is fantastic, and I trusted her with my own kid

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