Meet Our Families

These are just some of the current openings available through our agency. We work on many confidential searches and fill jobs quickly, so we may have other positions that would work for you.

In addition to the Permanent Placements listed below, let us know if you are interested in these other types of opportunities:

Corporate Backup Care.  On-call emergency assignments for corporate clients starting at $22/hour.  Can include bonuses for last minute jobs, time and a half for overtime.  Must have your own vehicle.

Long-term Temp Placement.  Assignments from under one year in length

Permanent Positions:

Kenilworth - ASAP
Working parents with two little kids - almost 3 year old boy and 1-1/2 year old girl - are looking for a nanny for the first time.  They are looking for someone who can be with them long-term who is dedicated to challenging their kids on a daily basis. Dad always works from home, mom will work from home through 2021.  Both kids take a long nap mid-day and they want to find someone who is open to helping with household management during that time.   Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have the physical stamina to be active and keep up with two young children
  • Enjoy being outdoors in all but the worst weather
  • Be able to take initiative both in planning for the kids and assisting with household management
  • Be patient, warm and thoughtful
  • Okay in a cat-friendly home
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 5 pm

Lake Forest 
Professional couple with a 2 year old son and newborn boy/girl twins are looking for a nanny to join them beginning part-time asap and working up to full-time by December/early January.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have multiples or group care experience
  • Be physically able to handle the demands of caring for three young children
  • Take social distancing seriously and be willing to stay up to date on immunizations
  • Value open communication, be willing to share experience while respecting parents wishes
  • Have the skillset to encourage children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development
    Schedule: Monday - Friday, 8 hours/day, post COVID 8 -10 hours/day depending on mom’s work schedule.

Highland Park
Working parents with two boys (3 and 1) are expecting a new baby July 2021, hope to find a nanny who will become a part of their team as parents and who wants their job to be an experience of joining a family.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have patience and the ability to provide structure
  • Be open to/experienced with working with a preschooler with some special needs
  • Welcome the challenge of working with a multi-age group
  • Be comfortable with parents working from home, who are taking COVID precautions seriously
  • Enjoy being around a large, friendly dog during the work day.
    Schedule:  Monday - Thursday, 8:30 - 4:30 pm, Friday 8 am - 4 pm.

New parents who have just welcomed their first baby are looking for a nanny who would like to join a growing family for the long-term.  They would love to find someone who can work well with them and will be able to share ideas. Their ideal candidate will:

  • Help maintain and reinforce a schedule for the baby
  • Have strong prior newborn experience and long-term experience with other nanny families
  • Be comfortable in a pet-friendly home with two larger dogs
  • Be interested in having a working partnership with parents
  • Be a self-starter who takes initiative with the baby and in the home
    Schedule:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 7 am - 5 pm, Wednesday, 7 am - 12 pm

Professional couple with a 4-1/2 year old son are looking for a new nanny/house manager. They are looking for someone with a laid-back, flexible demeanor who can support their family and build a strong relationship with their little boy.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Be well-organized to manage kid’s school and activities
  • Be able to plan age appropriate, enriching activities/outings
  • Have a track record for reliability and punctuality
  • Be willing to take on house management responsibilities as kid spends more time away from home at school.
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 7:45 am - 5:45 pm, may need a few additional hours post-Covid

Wicker Park

Two doctor couple with new baby boy looking for a nanny to help them three days/week. They hope to find someone caring and kind.  Mom is a pediatrician and sleep consultant so it’s important to her that the nanny follow her lead in this area.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have strong newborn/toddler experience
  • Value the benefits of a schedule for baby
  • Have prior references who can attest to reliability
  • Be a driver with their own car - parking is provided
    Schedule: Week 1:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday .  Week 2:  Monday, Thursday, Friday.  Hours will always be 7 am - 6 pm.