Meet Our Families

These are just some of the current openings available through our agency. We work on many confidential searches and fill jobs quickly, so we may have other positions that would work for you.

In addition to the Permanent Placements listed below, let us know if you are interested in these other types of opportunities:

Corporate Backup Care.  On-call emergency assignments for corporate clients starting at $22/hour.  Can include bonuses for last minute jobs, time and a half for overtime.  Must have your own vehicle.  We are especially looking for nannies who can go the northern and western suburbs.


Permanent Positions

Working parents with an active, verbal two year old girl and new baby boy are in need of a nanny.  Reliability is key for them as well as a desire to join their family for the long-term.  One parent works from home two days/week in a dedicated office, the other works outside the home.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have prior experience caring for two young children close in age
  • Have strong newborn experience and by familiar with developmentally appropriate activities for both a newborn and toddler
  • Be safety-conscious, kind and loving and able to keep kids engaged throughout the day
  • Be physically able to handle an active toddler and a baby
  • Be fully immunized
  • Have a safe driving record and be willing to use their own car for limited local driving on occasion
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 45 guaranteed hours, between 7:30 am and 5 pm


Hyde Park
Professional couple and their two school-age kids (11 and 15) as well as their two dogs - a small older dog and a large puppy are searching for a well-organized house manager  to run their home.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Be a confident city driver.  Family provides a vehicle.
  • Have strong organizational skills, be adept at on-line calendaring and comfortable tag teaming with  mom to handle lots of moving pieces after-school.  Assist with planning and booking travel.
  • .Support with homework and other kid organization
  • Coordinate meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prep for the family
  • Help exercise and care for the dogs
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 40 hours, primarily after-school through evening.  Flexibility is definitely needed depending on kids' activity schedule and parents'  business travel.

early May
Working parents with new baby boy are looking for a nanny who is well-experienced with newborn to support them as new parents.  They hope to find someone who will work with them as they ramp up their return to work after staggered parental leaves.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have strong prior relationships with nanny families where they cared for young babies
  • Hopefully be multilingual - Spanish, Hindi or Gujarti
  • Be knowledgeable about milestones and children's healthy development
  • Take a loving, nurturing approach to care
    Schedule:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 7 am - 5 pm thorough early August ramping up to 40 guaranteed hours over 4-5 days.