Meet Our Families

These are just some of the current openings available through our agency. We work on many confidential searches and fill jobs quickly, so we may have other positions that would work for you.

In addition to the Permanent Placements listed below, let us know if you are interested in these other types of opportunities:

Corporate Backup Care.  On-call emergency assignments for corporate clients starting at $22/hour.  Can include bonuses for last minute jobs, time and a half for overtime.  Must have your own vehicle.  We are especially looking for nannies who can go the northern and western suburbs.

Long Term Temp Positions

Highland Park
Nanny with infant/toddler experience to care for a 7 month old 4-5 hours/day for the next 3-6 months while her mom works on a project.  

Family of four newly relocated to the suburbs need someone with preschool or daycare teaching experience to help their four year old son transition to group care in preschool.  They are looking for someone to be with him from about 11 am - 4 pm to help manage the transition into the classroom, shadow him while he's in class and help him with his return home.  He's a cognitively advanced child who emotionally is a very young four.  He struggles a bit in a group and may need to take some time apart during more unstructured parts of the afternoon.  This assignment will run at a minimum til the end of 2021 and likely through the spring of 2022.

Permanent Positions

Family of four who just moved to Wilmette from Lincoln Park are looking for a new nanny who could be with them for the next three years. Dad works full-time and mom works part-time from home.  They are looking for someone to be focused on their almost three year old daughter and five year old son.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Understand developmentally appropriate practice for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Be willing to get outside as much as possible for play and adventures
  • Take a kind and loving approach with kids but able to be firm as needed
  • Be engaged with kids in play and activities not just overseeing them
  • Be comfortable with a work from home mom
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 7 am - 5:30/6 pm

New Position
Working parents are seeking an active, engaged nanny to provide full-day care for their 18 month old little girl.  They also have a set of eight year old twins who are in school all day but the nanny will be responsible for all three kids from about 3:15 on.  Mom and dad are both attorneys who are currently working from home.  They are available to take the twins to and from school.  The ideal candidate for this family will:

  • Be able to come up with age appropriate activities and outings that will keep the toddler busy and learning
  • Have the ability to multi-task at the end of the day to deal with twins - getting snack and homework going while also caring for the toddler
  • Have experience dealing with food allergies and use of an EPI pen
  • Match up with family being on the high-end of Covid safety-conscious
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

New Position
Wicker Park 
Two attorney couple who have just welcomed a little girl to their family are looking for someone who is warm, flexible and easy to talk with to join them:  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have at least five years childcare experience
  • Be able to speak a second language to the baby - preferably Spanish or Italian
  • Have a can-do, pro-active attitude, be willing to take initiative in their home to support their family
  • Have done coursework in Early Childhood Education or a related field
  • Be interested in a long-term engagement
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 8/9 am - 5/6 pm

Lincoln Park
Professional couple with two young boys (7 and 4) need to find a new nanny to assist them with before and after school care and help manage their home.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Be looking for a partnership with parents in raising happy, healthy kids
  • Be a comfortable city driver (family provides vehicle) to handle pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Be creative about how to spend time with the boys so that they are having an enriching experience
  • Assist/support parents in house management
  • Have an education background and strong organizational skill
  • Have the ability to be flexible on the back-end to accommodate parent's business obligations.
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

New Position
Lake Forest
early November
New parents who both work full-time are looking for a nanny who loves music, being outside and has a great sense of humor to join their family for the long-term.  They truly would like someone to grow with their family as they plan on more children.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Come to work with a positive attitude and value open communication
  • Be understanding and supportive of a new mom just returning to work
  • Have at least 3-5 years of childcare experience with infants and toddlers
  • Be open to travel with the family 1-2 times/year
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 7:45/8 am - 5/5:15 pm, guaranteed 40 hours, some weeks may need up to 50.  Mom will work partly from home, partly from the office, days will be shorter when she works from home.  Would love to build in a date night.

New Position
Family of four - a stay at  home mom, dad who travels all week for work, their five year old son and three year old daughter are looking for a nanny/family assistant to join them and support their family as a whole.  They recently moved back to the midwest to be closer to family,  but dad will continue to commute back to the east coast for work.  Both kids attend the Montessori school in Lake Bluff where mom did her student teaching so they need someone who can assist with driving and/or hold down the fort at home while mom does the school run.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Thrive in a home environment based on structure and routine
  • Be comfortable in a no-screen time home
  • Enjoy being involved in reading, arts and crafts and imaginary play with kids
  • Assist in managing their family life - helping with household organization projects, errands, etc. They employ a service for full housecleaning
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 10 am- 6 pm.

New Position
Lake Forest
late November
Two doctor couple with four kids - 11, 9, 5 and 1-½, are looking for a new nanny who would love to join their family for a long-term engagement.  Their ideal candidate will:

  • Have multiple years of prior nanny experience with families who have a wide age range of kids
  • Approach children with a positive and sweet demeanor and is interested in developing a caring relationship with all of them
  • Have the physical stamina for a busy job with active children who enjoy sports
  • Provide full-day care for a toddler and help with moving things along in the home, including getting dinner started
  • Be able to work as a team with mom and grandparents to accomplish getting everyone to after-school activities and getting homework going.
    Schedule:  Monday - Friday between the hours of 6:30 am and 6:30 pm.  There are some days they will need all 12 hours, and those days can vary, but there are other days when mom is off or has a half-day when the hours will be shorter.