Meet our Nannies

Name: Carmen (Full-time, Chicago or northern suburbs)
Childcare Experience: 15 years
Education: Carmen attended Amundson High School in Chicago and has studied Early Childhood Education at Truman College.
Special Experience or Training: Earned a certificate in working with special needs children through the YMCA.
Reference: “A big thumbs up! Always give her kisses and hugs when she leaves and always smiling when she's around - it's a love fest.”

Carmen began working with children as a babysitter in 1998 and then went on to spend 7 years working with infants and toddlers at the McGaw YMCA in Evanston. In 2008, she made the transition to full-time nannying and has enjoyed long-term relationships with two families since then. She is currently seeking a full-time position in the city or close northern suburbs where she can stay as long as needed and love the kids as if they were her own. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys reading and being active outdoors - swimming, snowboarding and rollerblading.

Name: Sabrina (Full-time, Chicago or close suburbs)
Childcare Experience: 17 years
Education: Chicago Madonna Catholic High School
Special Experience or Training: Proven track record of building long-term relationships with families along with an ability to work with changing needs as the children/family grows.
Reference: “She's fantastic with kids. She's 100% invested in them ALL of the time...My work is stressful and oftentimes has an unpredictable schedule and she just rolls right with it, doing whatever she can to accommodate us. She takes a genuine interest in our kids' well-being and it shows in every interaction she has with them.”

As her references attest, Sabrina is a true professional nanny. She takes a great deal of pride in her work and has done a wonderful job for families over her career. She is a driver with a car who can be flexible with her schedule in order to meet a family's needs. Sabrina describes herself as very disciplined, reliable and helpful. She loves to swim and bake and looks forward to joining a family that she can commit to for many years to come.

Name: Margaret (Full-time, Chicago)
Childcare Experience:
Education: BA, Sociology with a Minor in Social Work, University of Dayton
Special Experience or Training: Coaches grade school track team

Reference: “They loved her and still do love her. She gets down to their level. She's sill and goofy. When she needed to assert her "adult voice," she did that but it was great because she know how to make them laugh and have fun.”.

Margaret hopes to bring her interest in working with children out of the preschool environment to a family's home. She looks forward to building a long-lasting relationship with children so that she can be a part of their growth and development. Margaret is looking for a full-time position in the city where she can teach children through experiences and exploration.

Name: Kelly (Full-time, Chicago or northern suburbs)
Childcare Experience: 10 years
Education: Child Development Associate, Roosevelt University
Special Experience or Training:
Reference: “Kelly's wonderful. She always goes above and beyond just watching the child. She's genuine, hard working, caring, compassionate and patient.”

Kelly has experience working with children in a wide variety of settings. She has been a daycare teacher, an assistant teacher in a preschool and done in-home childcare both on-call and full-time for a number of families. Kelly loves to be active and outside as much as possible and enjoys planning activities directed at the children's interests. Personally, Kelly is focused on healthy eating and exercise and loves spending time with her five nieces and nephews. She looks forward to meeting a family that will welcome open communication and need her services for many years to come.

Name: Rosalie (Full-time, Chicago or northern suburbs)
Childcare Experience: Over 10 years of professional nanny/household manager experience.
Education: Certified Nurses Assistant, studied Dentistry in the Phillipines
Special Experience or Training: Rosalie just completed a shared care position with two infants.
Reference: “She's very compassionate, I think that's first and foremost. She's very loving - their safety was her top priority all day long. And I never had a worry that she was doing something outside of my instructions - followed our expectations to a T.”

Rosalie is seeking a new full-time position in the city or close northern suburbs. She hopes to work with children infants through preschool age where she can support a family with working parents. Rosalie loves reading and encouraging learning as well as making connections for playdates in the neighborhood. She can be flexible with her hours and hopes to find a situation where she will be needed for the next several years.

Name: Kaitlyn (Chicago, 30-40 hours)
Childcare Experience:
Education: BA, Theatre, Northwestern University
Special Experience or Training: Certified lifeguard, training in story telling, production work with children's theatre.
Reference: “My son really enjoys his time with Kaitlyn. She treats him with respect, takes his lead on activities, reading his cues about appropriate activity levels. When I work from home, I hear lots of laughter and engagement from both of them.”

Kaitlyn has worked with children in a wide variety of settings: as a camp counselor, on-call babysitter and a full-time nanny. She is seeking a position in the city, 30-40 hours per week with set hours, that will enable her to continue her theatre work and eventually pursue a Masters degree in Education. Kaitlyn has experience with children infant through school age. She describes herself as a "creative and enthusiastic playmate" and looks forward to bringing this approach to her next family.

Name: Laura (Full-time, Chicago)
Childcare Experience: Over 15 years of nanny and household management experience.
Education: AA, Computer Science, Onondaga Community College
Special Experience or Training: Has managed households through major renovation projects, skilled cook with a focus on nutrition.
Reference: “We were blessed to have her in our home; she personally gave me peace of mind that my son was nurtured while I was away at work.” “She is very energetic and lively. Was very creative and did lots of arts and crafts with them. She is extremely capable, organized and competent. She is great with discipline. She is a lot of fun for kids.”

Laura is seeking a full-time house manager position with school age children in Lincoln Park or Lakeview. For a family with working parents, who need everything about their children and home cared for, Laura is an exceptional candidate. She is a driver with a car and is looking for 40- 50 hours per week with hours between 8 am and 6 pm. Laura has been placed in all of her positions by North Shore Nannies and we look forward to finding her another great family.

Name: Joan (Full-time, Chicago or close northern suburbs)
Childcare Experience: Twenty plus years
Education: Teacher Training College, Jamaica
Special Experience or Training: Professional nanny; many long-term relationships with families.
Reference: “It is clear that she enjoys spending time with our children as much today as when she started working in our home. Joan frequently tells us that she loves her job and it shows.”

Joan is looking for a full-time position with a family in the city or the suburbs along the north shore. She would love to start with a baby and stay with the family as the children grow. Joan is completely committed to her career as a nanny and caring for children to the best of her abilities. She is very active with the children she nannies and enjoys taking them on outings, teaching them through play and helping to develop their physical skills, like learning to walk. Joan is available for immediate employment.

Name: Lirie (30-40 hours per week, Chicago)
Childcare Experience: 10 years
Education: BA, Film and Video, Columbia College
Special Experience or Training:
Reference: “She is the best, the best. She is so giving and willing to lend an extra hand. She's a special educator of young children - the time she spends with them is 100% focused and about them.”

Over the last 10 years, Lirie has built and maintained long-term relationships with three different families who all speak in glowing terms about the time she has spent with their children. Now that these children have aged out of needing her care, she is looking for another family to bond with. A writer and filmmaker, Lirie would like to find a position with a bit of flexibility that would enable her to work with children and pursue her career in the arts. She is looking for a laid-back, easy-going family who will let her get to know their kids as individuals and develop activities based on their interests.

Name: Colleen (Chicago, 30-40 hours per week)
Childcare Experience: Five years
Education: BA, Psychology, University of Chicago
Special Experience or Training: Able to help with homework, including math and science. Strong interest in the arts - especially drawing and painting.
Reference: “Colleen has a very gentle and quiet spirit. She's always thrived in situations with children. She is incredibly sweet, a good listener and develops a rapport with children very quickly.”

Colleen has worked with children as a camp counselor, tutor and on-call nanny. She's able to offer lots of flexibility - including being happy to do evenings and weekends. Colleen is experienced with children infant through school age and loves to help the young ones work towards milestones and older ones with academics. Her references all commented on her ability to make kids of any age feel safe and comfortable. . Colleen hopes to eventually pursue a graduate degree in Art Therapy.

Name: Jan (Full-time, northern suburbs)
Childcare Experience: Ten plus years.
Education: Oakton Community College, coursework in Business
Special Experience or Training: Owned and managed a successful business, raised two children of her own.
Reference: “Really great because she is SO patient. She gets down on their level and talks to them eye-to-eye. She's thoughtful in coming up with solutions when needed. Jan is very happy and considerate person. Extremely loving.rd&quo;

Jan is looking forward to returning to the work force as a full-time nanny. She is excited for the opportunity to help a family care for their children and manage their home. Jan is an easygoing person who enjoys being able to make others happy. Having been both a working and stay-at-home mom, she feels able to understand and support parents and children in either situation. Jan has several families that she's helped out on a part-time basis for years, but she is looking forward to the consistency and routine a full-time position offers.

Name: Spenser (Full-time, Northwest suburbs)
Childcare Experience: Six years
Education: BS, Child Development, Northern Illinois University
Special Experience or Training:
Reference: “Very wise beyond her years, great communication. Extremely responsible, mature and trustworthy.” “She has a knack for connecting with children.”

Spenser is looking for a full-time position that she can commit to for the next two - three years. She was one of six children growing up and has enjoyed being around kids all her life. In addition, to long-term relationships with families she's done babysitting for, Spenser has worked with children infant through age five in a preschool setting. She is looking for an easy-going family who will appreciate her being outdoors and active with their children. Spenser looks forward to bringing all she learned about child development in college to a family's home and working one-on-one with their kids.

Name: Somara (Full-time, northern suburbs)
Childcare Experience: 12 years
Education: Attended school in Belize
Special Experience or Training: Somara is bilingual (Spanish/English) and is happy to speak Spanish with children.
Reference:“She is the most loving and attentive person that you can imagine. No one is better...she cooks them balanced meals, is active and the most trustworthy person you'll ever meet. A true professional.”

Somara has recently completed a seven-year long engagement with a family in Lake Forest. She hopes to find a new family with one or two young children and working parents who need her help 40-50 hours per week. Somara is dedicated to keeping the children she cares for safe and engaged during the day. Her goal is to have them bathed, fed and ready for their parents to spend time with them upon returning home from work. Her references describe her as patient and consistent and "truly a gem."

Name: Lutonia
Childcare Experience: 18 years
Education: Attended Wells High School in Chicago
Special Experience or Training: Over 25 years of work with church youth groups including lesson planning, coordinating activities and volunteer training and for children 2 - 15 years
Reference: “She is extremely loyal. You never question her love for your child. Very responsible and works incredibly hard.”

Described as patient, understanding and loving, Lutonia has just completed a five-year long job in the city and is looking for a family with a baby that can offer a similar long-term position. She is an incredibly cheerful, positive and energetic person who is eager to meet her next family. She is a driver with a car and is happy to offer whatever flexibility a family needs.